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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Dylan's Occupational Therapist (who we LOVE!) was giving us some ideas for strengthening his core muscles. She would really like us to have Dylan do Hippotherapy. Also called Equine therapy. Or for us plain talkers, horse therapy. There is one small problem with this plan. Actually, it is quite a large problem. I have a serious allergy to horses. Very serious. I can't be anywhere near a horse. I can't be near anyone who has recently been on a horse. I can't be in a room where there has recently been a person who was on a horse. If I am near a horse, or a person who has been on a horse, or in a room where there has been a person who was on a horse, I swell up and struggle to breathe. Ever see the movie Hitch? When he eats the shellfish? it's kinda like that. Only it's not so funny in real life. I've never done anything about it, because it is very easy to stay away from horses. People with other serious allergies, such as a peanut or bee allergy can't control being stung by a bee or exposed to a peanut product. I can control being around horses. But now I'm trying to decide if it is worth going to an allergist, getting shots, to try to become desensitized. I'm pretty sure that would take quite a while. For now we are looking at alternatives to hippotherapy. They have a machine called igallop that simulates horseback riding. since the pricetag is quite hefty, we'll be calling around to see if there are any clinics that have one. If so, we'll see if we can get approval for that. But if hippotherapy will have better long term effects for Dylan, I guess I'll drop trou for those monthly shots. Oh, joy. Here is a picture of Dylan during another OT activity. He also happens to be signing "mom". He is such a smart boy, and knows 25-30 signs. He is also getting more vocal... finally! We finally have a good Speech therapist!
Here he is signing "dad"

Have you ever seen a cuter boy?

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