Nate's finalization Nov. 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Landon's version of Jolly Old St. Nicholas. So funny. Listen carefully in the second verse and he'll tell you his opinion of the gifts he gets from Santa....

Yes, you heard it right. "Down the chimney broad and black, with your CRAP you'll creep."

Actually, I'm not sure what I like best about this video... His version of the song, or the outfit he's wearing. After he was asleep, I laid out his green sweatshirt in case he wanted to wear it. Of course, I assumed he'd wear it over his t-shirt like most people, but not Landon. He has his own sense of style.

The same day he brought home this ornament for the tree:

According to Landon, it is a zombie snowman with blood running down it. Nice. gotta love the imagination. NO, our children do not watch zombie movies. They don't watch anything rated higher than PG. But they do go to public school. :O)

While we are having a Landon themed post, Here is a picture of my little Shark boy, with his permanent teeth coming in behind his baby teeth. Those baby teeth are just not in a hurry to come out. He has a dentist appt. on Wed, and can probably get them pulled then. I am envisioning high orthodontic bills when he is older. Oi.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

build a little birdhouse in your soul

When my oldest sister (who is much, MUCH older than me) turned 50 in October, we bought her fun toys and childish things to keep her in touch with her youth. One of the things we got her was a sock monkey. We had to take it out of the original packaging in order to fit it in the box we were shipping. My sweet little Luke, who must be a bit like me in that he does not like to waste things, came and asked if we could make a birdhouse out of the sock monkey box. Hmmm. Why not? What a clever boy he is. He folded the top over, had me tape it together, then got a little lid to put water in, and some sunflower seeds. We stuck a string through it, and tied it to our tree out front. for 3 days, he went outside to look everyday to see if a bird was living in it yet. I kept trying to explain that the birds don't stay in their houses, they go fly around. Then Sunday came. As we were pulling into our driveway after church, I saw a bird in Luke's birdhouse!!! I was so excited to show him. Scott stopped the van, and we all watched the bird hop in and out, and all around the bird house. Luke was over the moon! It was so cute. I actually had my camera in the diaper bag, and tried to get a picture of the bird by the house, but it didn't turn out ;o(

here is the birdhouse. The picture is a little grainy because I was trying to take it through the window glass. I knew the bird would fly away if I rolled down the window.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ronald needs a forever family!

Look who I found on

Oh, my gosh! He is one handsome fella, and he needs a home. click on the link under his picture to watch a video of him. He has really grabbed my heart. If we weren't in the middle of bringing home a different older child, I would have already called on him. Oh, my gosh! I'm not going to sleep until he has a home. Does anyone in blogland know anyone who could be his family?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The DMV: A True Story

So Scott had to go get plates for our new van (the big 12-passenger kind). Below is a breif summary of the transaction.
DMV: After applying the credit from the plates on the vehicle you just sold, you still have a $12.59 credit, so we'll send you a check.
Scott: can we just apply the credit toward our next plate renewal?
DMV: No, sorry, we have to process the refund.
Scott: so, you are going to send me a check for $12.59?
DMV: No, there is a processing fee of $12.00.
Scott: There is a processing fee of $12.00 on a refund of $12.59?
DMV: correct.
Scott: So you are actually going to send me a check for $ .59?
DMV: correct.
Scott: yeah. makes sense.

Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with their DMV?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reece's Rainbow Christmas Angel Tree 2009

I decided not to choose a child to sponsor until December because we were just fundraising for our local DS Network at the end of October, and November felt like it was too soon to start asking people for money again. Traditionally, we've chosen another child from Serbia to sponsor. No, we still do not have any word on "our" girl. But anyway, I've looked at all the beautiful faces, and the winner of the Spencer family sponsorship is..........

No, I didn't make that up. most of the kids are assigned a pseudonym due to country restrictions of posting their real name. And they gave her my name! Andrea (fearless leader of Reece's Rainbow) likes my name apparently. I think she's trying to send me subliminal messages. Now that Serbia is allowing familes to come back a 2nd time, we are being encouraged to consider adopting a different child, and go back for Aunika when she becomes available. Hmmm..... something to consider/ pray about. In the meantime, we'll be taking some of our meager savings for Christmas and donating it to "Lisette's" grant fund. I hope she finds a family soon!


One more adoption complete in the Spencer family! Welcome, sweet Nate! Nathan Brent Spencer joined our family in Nov. 08, and his adoption was final Nov. 09. He is a sweet boy, and fits right in. He and Luke (both 4 years old) are partners in crime, but Nate is definitely a lot calmer. With the two girls we are fostering, we now have 2- 7 year olds, 2- 4 year olds, and 2- 1 year olds. What can I say? we like to keep things interesting.

Luke the Belly Popper

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