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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The DMV: A True Story

So Scott had to go get plates for our new van (the big 12-passenger kind). Below is a breif summary of the transaction.
DMV: After applying the credit from the plates on the vehicle you just sold, you still have a $12.59 credit, so we'll send you a check.
Scott: can we just apply the credit toward our next plate renewal?
DMV: No, sorry, we have to process the refund.
Scott: so, you are going to send me a check for $12.59?
DMV: No, there is a processing fee of $12.00.
Scott: There is a processing fee of $12.00 on a refund of $12.59?
DMV: correct.
Scott: So you are actually going to send me a check for $ .59?
DMV: correct.
Scott: yeah. makes sense.

Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with their DMV?

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