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Monday, July 13, 2009

the uninvited guest

maybe uninvited, yet welcome just the same.

A few weeks ago, Scott laid a couple of boards across our dog's kennel and put a few yard tools up there to keep them away from the kids. We bought a small shed for this purpose, but is isn't put up yet. Anyway, he went out to mow our Jungle, I mean our lawn, and first went to grab the orange extension cord from the top of the boards. He just about touched this little ladies head before she flew away.
Is that a nest up there in those cords?

Yep! And this single egg has since been joined by a second egg. My kids love looking out the window each day to see if the little mommy dove is on her nest. I'm thinking she might be rather a lazy little bird by the looks of that nest, or maybe just very clever to use the power cord to save her some work. All together, my kind of bird!

She is quite diligent in her sitting, though I'm sure the AZ sun keeps that egg plenty warm while she's off eating. And she never strays far. We see her sitting on the neighbors roof from time to time, keeping an eye on things. It will sure be fun to see the end product! I wonder how long Dove eggs take to hatch? sounds like a great computer research project for the kiddos, who only have 2 weeks until school begins.

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