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Friday, March 27, 2009


Just a quick update on the kiddos--
Landon has learned how to tie his shoes and ride his bike. The kid is amazing. He accomplished both these tasks without Scott or I feeling like we'd actually taught him. We showed him how to tie his shoes a few times, and he's been watching carefully, but we never sat and said "now do this, now make bunny ears, blah blah blah". But he picked it right up. And as for his bike riding-- we just took the training wheels off and told him to push himself along with his feet and work on balancing and steering. He'd push off and lift his feet, then practice steering. Then we told him to work on getting his feet up to the pedals while he was coasting. next step- pedaling. It took him all of 20 minutes to learn. Smart boy. No endless hours of running behind him, holding onto the seat. Yay!
Luke is anxious to be able to do all the things Landon does, so he will probably be an early bike rider. He needs a new bike, so we are looking for one. The one he has weighs about 127 pounds and is so hard to pedal. it's one of those "tonka" 12" bikes. It is cute, and it was free, but he does not have the coordination necessary to pedal a difficult bike. So, we'll pass that on to someone else.
N is Potty trained! I can't even tell you how happy this makes me. Hooray for N! Our school district has 2 weeks off for spring break, and by the end of break, he was in underwear full time. Only a couple of accidents- one at night and one in the day. He's doing so well with his adjustment here. He certainly has a little attitude at times, but that's necessary in a crazy house like ours.
And Dylan. Our little Dylan continues to amaze us. He is crawling! and it is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I don't know if it is just because he had to work so much harder to get to this point, but I break out in a huge grin (and sometimes even a happy tear) STILL every time I see him crawl. He's been at it close to a month now. It is so adorable. And he's pulling to a stand on everything. He tried it on the vacuum the other day with an unhappy ending. He is now sporting a big bruise on his forehead. He had been avoiding crawling on the tile... until today. Now he's unstoppable. Time to Dylan-proof the house. He's precious, and all the boys (and mom and dad) spoil him.
Tomorrow will mark 3 years without our sweet Jacob. The pain of losing him still seems so fresh, and yet, it also seems like it has been a million years since I got to hold my sweet boy. awww, here come the tears. must be time to stop.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, sweet angel Jacob. You would have been 4 today! I wish I could see you running around the house with your brothers. I miss you more today than I did yesterday. I love you, John Jacob Jingleheimer!

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