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Saturday, February 14, 2009


Do you know what children like Dylan are treated like in Eastern European orphanages? I feel sick to my stomach when I read articles, or watch a news clip about it. My mind quickly scrambles, wondering if there's something more I can do. I look at my little Dylan, and the light he brings to this family, and know the world would be a darker place without him. He's been so sick this past week with RSV. I can't stand to think about him in a place where he's never held, never spoken to, fed once a day, diaper changed rarely, and left to suffer illness on his own. He whimpers, and I hold him close. I stroke his cheeks. I coo in his ear. I let him see me smile at him. I tell him a billion times a day how much I love him, and smother him with kisses. When he's sick, I rub his back, go without sleep so I can hold him up to let him breathe easier, wish with every piece of me that I could absorb his pain and discomfort. Kids with Down syndrome, and other special needs, are not a waste of space. They are PERFECT. They are not put on this earth for us to put up with, they are here for us to learn from. They are not the ones that need to become more like a typical person. Typical people need to become more like THEM. Spend some time with my son, and I guarantee you'll learn something about unconditional love, about faith, about goodness and light. I love you, sweet Dylan. I hope someday I can grow up to be more like you.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

a day in the life

Landon to school bus at 7:30, N on the bus at 8:15, N home again 11:45, Luke on the bus at 12:15, Landon home 3:15, Luke home 4:00. Scott Leaves for work at 7:30am. after classes, he goes to our business in Scottsdale. He returns home around 9pm.

Landon to school bus at 7:30, Dylan has Developmental therapy at 10, Luke on the bus at 12:15, Landon home 3:15, Luke home at 4. Scott leaves at 7:30 am, and in the evening teaches a college course. he returns home around 9- 9:30

Landon on bus at 7:30, N on but at 8:15, N home again 11:45, Dylan has Physical Therapy at 2, Landon home 3:15. Scott leaves at 7:30 and returns home by 5

Landon on bus 7:30, Luke on bus at 12:15, Landon home 3:15, Luke home 4:00. Scott leaves at 7:30 and then goes to the business. home around 9.

Landon on bus 7:30, N on bus 8:15, N home 11:45, Landon home 3:15. Scott leaves at 7:30, and sometimes gets to be home by about 4:30, unless it is very busy at the business. Then he has to go there until about 9.

no set schedule for the kids. Scott has to go to the business around 10am, and returns around 5-6.

A day of rest! no work for Scott, Church services are currently from 1-4pm.

This doesn't take into account any doctors visits, dentist visits, trips to the grocery store... or any household chores. Or the Occupational and Speech therapy Dylan is SUPPOSED to be getting, but there just aren't any therapists available currently. Starting this next week, A will be on the same schedule as Landon, and Stix doesn't currently need any services, so her schedule will remain eat, sleep, poop, repeat.

good times.

Luke the Belly Popper

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