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Monday, December 29, 2008

Today is the day!

Finalization day for little Dylan!!! YAY!! We are so excited to have this step DONE. He is legally a Spencer boy now. Finalization takes place in Illinois (we don't have to be there) and the lawyer will get all the necessary paperwork sent out tomorrow. Then Wednesday is his first birthday. Can you hear me singing the Hallelujah chorus?
This friday we take him to the temple to be sealed to our family. For anyone unfamiliar, I guess you could call it the religious version of finalization. We are very excited. He is a precious child. He makes us all smile. And he brings me great Joy. And for the icing on the cake, this friday is also our 13th anniversary.
We also have another new little face around here, that we hope to be able to adopt. Yes, another boy-- another 3 year old boy! I'll post pics and updates as I am able, but for now, we need to keep that private.
Sadly, no encouraging news of our Serbian daughter. We love her, and can't wait to meet her. We try to remain faithful, remembering the Strength with wich the Lord placed her in our hearts.
We learned the hard way Saturday night that Luke has asthma. Not a fun night. It was Scott's birthday, so while Luke had a cough, we still went out to eat. Just a very casual meal, nothing fancy. As I said, Luke had a cough, but nothing slows that kid down. I don't worry about him until he DOES slow down. He had been going at a billion miles an hour all day. When we were out, he kind of suddenly slowed down, and asked to go home. I knew then that he had more than a cold. We got into a warm shower, to see if the steam would open him up a little. Then we got him ready for bed, and put him in our room. We have a toddler sized bed we keep in there for sick kids, or if someone has a bad dream and wants to sleep close. Luke definitely gets the most use out of it. I was rubbing his head and singing to him, wondering if I should find an urgent care to take him to, when he sat up and said "Mom, I just want to breathe". Okay, time to go. Took him to urgent care, and his O2 sats were 88. after 2 breathing treatments and a lung x-ray (clear), he was able to maintain sats at 93, so they sent us home with oral steroids, and albuterol (we already had the nebulizer) and instructions to do breathing treatments every 2 hours. After the first 12 hours, we were able to go to every 4 hours, and now he is just using it as needed. My sweet luke does have a tendency to worry me. Luke and Asthma will not mix well. The kid never slows down. I don't know much about asthma yet, but I'm sure i'll be learning soon. His follow up with his Ped is next week.

Luke the Belly Popper

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