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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Funny things by Landon

Landon cracks me up sometimes. The other day we were all driving to the store, and he was chattering away in the back seat. every two seconds, it was "hey, mom...." After about the 173rd time he had said "hey mom...." in a 15 minute period, I guess my tone betrayed a bit of exasperation as I said "what, Landon". He was quiet for about 2 seconds, then said "you need another Landon that doesn't talk too much.". I laughed so hard. I told him I didn't want any other Landon's. He's the only Landon for me! Plus, I'm pretty sure I can't handle more than one. Then, while we were in the store, we had been looking for socks for daddy. He had apparently been studying the pictures on the packages of underwear, and said "hey, mom... why doesn't dad have muscles?" I said he does have muscles. He has lots of muscles. Landon said "no he doesn't. Just the brown guys have muscles." Score one for he brown, muscle-bound model from the underwear package.

And we have recently completed another adoption. This one is of a fluffy puppy. Her name is Firefly. Our other dog, Ladybug, is starting to forgive me for bringing a puppy home. She is awfully cute. The "girls" will have a great time playing with each other.
Our Christmas was lovely. Very low key. The kids just got one gift from mom and dad, and a couple of things from Santa. The rest of our Christmas budget went to Jovan's (in Serbia) grant fund. I sure hope he finds a family soon.

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