Nate's finalization Nov. 2009

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The boys are being little goofs this morning. While eating breakfast, Luke dropped his sippy cup full of milk. I said "Landon, will you get Luke's milk for him, then say 'here you go, you little nut'." So Landon does as he's told, then Luke, without being prompted says "Thank you, you little nut!". it was perfect. Luke is getting used to saying Landon, and he says it quite well. He still calls his brother "ninny" a lot, but he's getting it. If Scott or I dare to call him Terry, he is quick to remind us that he is Landon now!
We are getting ready to go to WY for my brother Todd's wedding. The boys and I fly out tomorrow, and stay for a week to have some much needed "grandma bear" time. The boys will be spoiled, I have no doubt. Lots of aunts and uncles there to do the job, not to mention grandma bear and grandma clair. They also get to meet their cousin Crimson for the first time. Luke loves babies, so this will be fun. He wants a little sister named Ella (he is fascinated with the movie Ella Enchanted) and another one named Lilo! He also thinks when Aunika comes, she'll be a baby. I keep showing him pictures and try to convince him that she is a big girl, but he doesn't believe me. She will certainly be his "baby" sister, no matter what. Luke has learned from Landon how to be a good big brother, and both boys will be protective of their little sister. We are still waiting to hear from Serbia on a travel date. Jasmina tells me constantly to be patient, but I am getting so anxious! Also, Poland is still re-reviewing our case. blah! haven't heard yet from them. They already told us "yes" once, but I guess they thought we were coming to Poland first. No can do. we are too far along in the process with Serbia. I don't understand their hesitation. Katarzyna would still be coming into the exact same family dynamic as she was before, only we will have Aunika here first. I will not get too excited over it right now. I think they'll come around. Well, off to do laundry and pack!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Good Day Sunshine

WAHOOOOO!!! We were granted severance on Terry! Now we can start calling him Landon! We've talked with him a lot about the change over the past year, and he seems very positive about it. He has asked me many times if his name can be Landon now. Once he told me, "Mom, for my birthday, I want to be Landon." All I could say was I wanted him to be Landon for his birthday also. So last night after we got the word, I pulled him onto my lap and asked him if it would be okay to start calling him Landon now. He said "YEAH!!! and lets go get a birthday cake!" man that kid has a good memory. We went out and got a milkshake instead. We told him his birthday wasn't for 2 more months, but that he gets to be Landon forever now! We are so excited. This has been a long battle. We will still have all the appeals to go through, but hopefully they will go fast.

We love this boy! can't wait to have it final!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


We got some GREAT news yesterday. First we heard from our attorney for Luke. All his appeals are over! we get to finalize! She was hoping to get us a court date for Sept. 20, but I just found out it won't be until Oct. 4. That is OK. We have waited this long, we can wait a little longer.
We got news that Poland approved us to adopt little 4 year old Katarzyna (Kasia for short). So we will hopefully have 2 little girls home for Christmas. We are just jumping up and down. Now to figure out the practical stuff- like how to pay for it, how to be gone from our kids for 2 jaunts out of the country, etc. But where there is a will there is a way. We never seem to do things the easy way. This picture of her is about a year old. She turned 4 in April. She looks like she'll is full of mischief!

Luke the Belly Popper

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